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Trade Show Exhiit Tips
By Beth Pratt

Trade shows provide a tremendous opportunity for business owners to learn about the competition and to build awareness of their products and services.
Trade Shows, whether local, regional or international, remain one of the most effective and strategic marketing approaches for many small businesses.
There are so many advantages to participating in a trade show. Foremost, there is a concentrated market full of �qualified buyers;� people that are ready to do business and who are congregated at one site a for set time. The secret is to make the most of the limited exposure. Here are just a few tips for maximizing your marketing efforts at any show including the upcoming Napa Business Expo this April 3.

Planning is essential. Prior to the show, decide what you want to accomplish and stay focused on those goals. Do you want to generate 50 new sales leads, make 50 product presentations or make $2,000 in sales? Remember that most shows are a fertile ground for making contacts and building relationships. If at all possible, communicate with your potential customers before the show. It is common for larger shows to pre-sell their attendee and exhibitor list. One effective strategy is to send a postcard to the potential customer inviting them to your booth. Plan to have your literature ready. If you have a gap in your marketing materials, plug it before the event.


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